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    As the days go by as you slowly advance through the game, you must be pondering as to how to blueprint your Sanrio world. One of the many benefits of the game is that you can visit a neighbor to get ideas. 

    Below are floor murals that can be set up as a centerpiece for your theme world:

    (Examples are taken from Neighbors. Please note that Owners' ID of examples are not shown to prevent too many neighbor invites that can lead to unintended spamming. If owner wishes for credit, please contact me with alternative name)

    Character Mural

    Little Twin Stars Mural

    My Melody Face Mural

    Hello Kitty Face Mural

    Hello Kitty Face Mural 2

    Hello Kitty Face Mural 3

    Red Bow Mural

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    ===The storage begins with 10 spaces. Every extension has a 10 space limit.

    20 spaces = 10,000 coins

    30 spaces = 50,000 coins

    40 spaces = 100,000 coins

    50 spaces = 200,000 coins

    60 spaces = 5 Apples

    70 spaces = 5 Apples

    80 spaces = 5 Apples

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  • Junolyn

    Like every other games similar to this one, Hello Kitty World is no different when beginning to play at Level 1. It's presented in a very simple introduction with the help of the leading character, Hello Kitty, to guide you before letting you fully take over. Next thing I know it, I am already at Level 2. 

    In Level 2, you are rewarded with:

    • Tabo's Ball Throwing 
    • Cinnamoroll's Balloons
    • Couple of decorations
    • New Challenge added
    • 1 Magic Apple for the new level

    You'll get the similar rewards and access to objects every time you level up in the game. In every game that is just beginning, the Sanrio theme park is set up with two main mascot houses. One belonging to Hello Kitty and the other, My Melody. If you didn't know it already, but My Melody is t…

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