New Level: 11 out of 30

When I started the game, I didn't exactly have information on hand as to which level or exactly how I would be able to access the new land area that I have been seeing over at my advanced level neighbors' HK worlds. I thought I would get the answer easily if I just contacted the official contacts through the game, but instead, I received a pretty vague response. It didn't really helped me understand if I was to level up or to buy an extension, which I thought was to buy more storage. My next plan of action was to search the internet for answers and that was a waste of time because I could not find the valued information posted anywhere. Not even a forum site or on their official FB page. Well, after two days passed by of trying to fill the wiki pages with content, I've finally had time to reach level 11. I'm very excited to be able to access more land to be able to decorate as I please. I'm able to access from the bridge to the entrance of the pink and white bridge, which I'm not sure if it's called the Kawaii bridge. As you can see through my slides, I have taken screenshots of my new land space. Once I gained access to new land, I tapped on the land expansion button that was hovering above the wooden bridge with a single log that was blocking the entrance. A pop-up appeared asking for permission to to pay 75K coins to remove the log. I clicked the check mark to agree and I was instantly given access to even more land. Hope this blog helps players out on this newly released game! I'll most likely write up a more in-depth journey from level 1 to 11 sometime later in the coming weeks. 

Happy Blueprinting!

Junolyn (talk) 01:27, December 6, 2012 (UTC)

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